About C.A.T.S

We are a non-political group of residents from across Measham who are trying to clean up the air for our fellow residents and any visitors to the area.
We formed in 2010 to put pressure on local businesses and seek the assistance of the relevant authorities to provide clean air in accordance with their statutory requirements and not least the environmental act 1995.

Where is the smell from?

The source of the smell is from AB Produce, Website.
This has been documented as the source by North West Leicestershire District Council and AB Produce has supposedly invested in equipment to resolve. This is not working and the smell continues to come back each year.

“The odour that A B Produce could create is caused by the breakdown of starch by bacterial action. Due to the processes that A B Produce have adopted there should be very minimal aerosol release. However, if a release occurs it would not cause any health issues due to the distance they would travel before they reach any residential area thereby diluting concentrations to acceptable levels, although this does not mean that the odour is undetectable and we fully accept that the odour is unpleasant. If you have any health concerns you can discuss this further with the Health Protection Agency.”
10th June 2010 North West Leicestershire District Council

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